Rawafed Tech established a complete IT system that ensures quality in all its editorial and technological projects so as to determine the criteria and standards that Guarantees the expected level of achievement for its clients , and these criteria are consulted before the implementation date , which is as follows:

Plan and criteria review from the client's representative, Update the site continuously at the availability of materials, Only the information and news provided by assigned project manager authorized by the client are allowed to be published, Ensuring that published material does not violate the social values, Any material is not published until after the presentation to the linguistic checker to make sure it is free of grammatical errors, References Citation to enable the reader to refer to them when needed, focusing on the point and avoiding the padding and dwelling on the issue for discussion.

  • Audio Editing

    File is adjusted to remove noise and Gaps, add Introductory audio in addition to internal and external data.

  • Video Editing

    It is to adjust the video file ,delete defects , add visual introduction , put the logo in addition to internal and external data.

  • Text Editing

    proofreading & spelling review of different kinds of text , and formatting it to suit the nature of the site.

  • Media Transcription

    unloading audio or visual material to text material, linguistic and spelling checker, good formatting of the material, taking the material out in a good formatted publishable file.

  • Video Production

    Artistic Direction for Audio tracks and re- producing it as visual clips by Choosing free motion backgrounds, Adding text and synchronizing it with the speaker - text format - sound effects - transitional movements - adding introduction and logo.

  • Social Media Mgt

    Adding posts and comments on social networks available to the site, in addition to adding links to reference material to the site.

  • Banner Designing

    Provide a trendy designs for a banners used in different channels "social networking or Web.

  • Book Summarizing

    Creating distinctive abstracts of books , Formatting it into a special mold that is easy to publish and print.

  • E-Book Production

    Assembling a collection of special articles in one template As PDF book that is carefully checked and professionally formatted in order to easily publish and print it.

  • News Letter Management

    Adding images and content to the mailing list with full data supported by links and Formatted .

  • E-Marketing Management

    Directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using different channels used by targeted audience..

  • Consultation & Planning

    Consulting is one of our services we specialize, We provide a broad range of technology and Content consulting services.

Media Production

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  1. 4 out of 5


    This album proves why The Woo are the best band ever. Best music ever!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Can’t wait to start mixin’ with this one! Irba-irr-Up-up-up-up-date your theme!

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