Rawafed Project Management System

Rawafed Project management system has the capacity to help in planning ,Monitoring and controlling tasks of project in-addition to the duration and costs. it supports the project management electronically in accordance with the project life cycle And that starts by dividing the project work assignments And then planning for project schedule in accordance with the detailed estimates of the tasks to set off to monitor implementation phase and measure the level of achievement to reach an effective interrelationship between monitoring and control Right up to the stage of the delivery and extraction of project status reports Altogether and detailed, all the project information is archived in its own path to enrich stock of lessons learned for future similar projects.

Time Management

Planning (Time Estimation “Task / Project”).

Following-up (Progress Status "Improved or Delayed").

Controlling (Take what is necessary to achieve the delivery time).

Cost Management

Planning (Estimated Budget for "Job / Project").

Following-up (Spending Rate "Task / Phase").

Controlling (Take action to adjust spending).